Gaia Mother Earth goddess ceramic statue

Here you have my latest sculpture of goddess Gaia hand sculpted by me in terracotta. I love modeling Mother Earth as a nude pregnant woman because it is the most universal image of Nature in her second aspect as Mother Goddess. Gaia is the birth giving, sustainer and nurturer of all living beings and also symbolizes fertility and abundance.

I like representing her sitting in a yoga pose embracing her belly while meditating. This goddess has been modeled by me several times but this statue is my latest version which was made after my second baby was born. I have always sculpted in clay because is a natural material that comes from Earth and it is suitable to represent all my goddesses and nature spirits statues.

Gaia Mother Earth sculpture

Approximately 8 inches tall (20cm), Gaia is a beautiful statue to decorate many places such as a yoga retreat centre, a goddess temple, a sacred place of your home or even it can be used to decorate an urban garden. Moreover, it is a nice gift for any special occasion.

Although I have always modeled in red clay, I’m going to make other sculptures in different clays such as refractory clay and stoneware and even I’m going to experiment with paints and patinas.

This time a Gaia statue has been hand painted by my partner with acrylic paints and varnish . This blue Gaia is inspired by the Water Element as the 70% of our planet surface is covered by water.

Mother goddess statues

If you are interested in getting one, I have recently cast in clay a few statues as limited edition but I will go making more as soon they sell so please check out my Etsy shop for more information. Also you can see more sculptures on my Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook accounts. Many thanks for your visit and I hope you enjoy my artwork.

Note for Spanish speakers: If you want to read the Spanish version of this post, just click on the link to visit my Spanish blog

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